What to Expect From Your Coaching Program

YOU can be published by a major publishing house! Cut the learning curve and reach your goal—take this opportunity to benefit from an experienced author and published mentor. Dianna Booher has written 46 books that have been published in 26 languages (as well as countless magazine and trade-journal articles, ebooks, training courses, video programs, and audio series). She has an insider’s perspective on the writing life, the publishing business, and the entrepreneurial marketing scene.

You will learn methods to shape YOUR book idea, choose the best agent for YOUR project, and attract a major publishing house. Prepare to develop your idea or manuscript through feedback from Dianna and a community of successful peers. Dianna will share her first-hand experiences, specific techniques for writing well and quickly, great publishing and media contacts, and her own trade secrets. In short, this coaching program is all about YOU—YOUR ideas, YOUR book title, YOUR book proposal, YOUR marketing plan…YOUR career success.

Are You an Entrepreneur?

If you have a product, service, invention, sales method, scientific discovery, or scholarly work to bring to market, getting published is the strongest vote of credibility you can receive. You could spend thousands of dollars on a full-page ad in the world’s largest newspaper, but a published book will produce ten times the value of that ad in name recognition, longevity, and career enhancement.

Have You Transformed Your Name Into a Brand?

Would you like to learn how to create a brand and develop spin-off products from your existing work? Need to “punch up” your marketing plan? Dianna has been published by major publishing houses 46 times (and counting). Check out the myriad Booher products in your favorite online or local bookstores. She helped pioneer e-learning programs. And she is in demand as a professional speaker and executive coach for Fortune 500 companies. Based on these real-life experiences, Dianna is unquestionably qualified to help you diversify your book into several revenue streams.

What This Get Your Book Published Coaching Program IS:

—An online coaching program for your book project delivered in 53 videos (most are 10-15 minutes; some are 3-6 minutes; some are 20-25 minutes)

—A step-by-step approach to guide you through the entire process of writing your nonfiction book, finding an agent, selling it to a major publisher, promoting your book, developing spin-off books and products, licensing your content and sub-rights, and building a brand to meet your career and life goals

—Ongoing access to this content for as long as you need it

What This Get Your Book Published Coaching Program Is NOT:

—A get-them-in-the-door event to hear other speakers pitch their products/services
—A get-them-in-the-door event to upsell attendees other products/services
—One-size-fits-all teleseminar or webinar for hundreds